Urban Survival!

Coming up on “The Prepping Academy” our host Forrest and Kyle are going to be discussing urban survival. You might be thinking to yourself this doesn’t apply to you. Let us assure you it does. Current statistics say that approximately 82% of the United States population lives in an “urban environment.” That number is projected to climb to nearly 90% by 2030.

The average commute to and from work is 25.4 minutes. A car accident, stalled car, injured pedestrian, school bus, and weather can double that on a bad day. What happens though if those roads become impassable? Can you make it home by foot? What tools do you carry every day  to help you? Getting home is priority one. Forrest and Kyle will be discussing how this can be done while keeping a low profile.

Now that you’ve made it home you need to think about survival. Maybe you live in a small bungalow, apartment, or studio with no land to grow on. So how exactly do you intend to provide for yourself, family, or friends. Kyle will be discussing some alternative growing systems that you can do with very little space.


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