Body armor life saving tactical gear for preppers and survivalist.

Body armor life saving tactical gear for preppers and survivalist.

Upcoming on “The Prepping Academy”. Hey guys and gals, coming up this week on “The Prepping Academy” we’re going to be covering fun life saving tactical gear. That’s right, we’ll be talking body armor.  We’ll be having a special guest Chad from Infidel Body Armor on this topic joining us for the show. Either way it’s going to be extremely informative and helpful in making you Armor and chest rig selection.

Now in any SHTF scenario protection is a must. You wouldn’t play football without a helmet would you? So wo

uld you really go in to a potential gun battle without life saving armor? We should think not. Not all body armor is created equal. There are a ton of opinions. Some are lighter, but lack multi hit capabilities. Others have multi hit capabilities, but can weigh up to 10lbs per plate. So what’s the right choice? And if you’re getting armor you’ll need a plate carrier. What the heck is that and what works best?

Once you get your armor and your plate carrier the real fun begins.

How do you set up your chest rig? MOLLE pouches, knives, IFAKs, multitools, coms pouch, smoke grenades, the possibilities are endless! Like anything though, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Adding too much gear will slow you down. We’ll be actually taking a look at Kyle and Forrest personal chest rigs. So join us for all the conversation and fun.

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