Best Guns for Preppers and Survivalist

On “The Prepping Academy” join Forrest and Kyle as they talk guns for defense. As American diplomacy, politics, and society falls apart anyone with a sane mind should be considering owning a gun and preparing for a WROL (with rule of law) America. Heck, probably a few. Why a few? The simple fact is that guns are tools. If you’ve ever gardened you know that you wouldn’t use a flat shovel to plow; just like you wouldn’t use a broad fork to dig a well. So don’t go in to a gun shop with a mindset that “a gun is a gun.” And for the love of all that is holy and sane, do not buy a gun from the gun shop that tries to say a shotgun is the only weapon you need for home defense.

With the view that every gun is a tool, Kyle and Forrest will be diving straight in to the best guns for a prepper. Personal recommendations and experience go a long way in this industry. The first tool we’ll be discussing is what some call their “main battle rifle.” This is typically an AR15, AK47, or a variant. Some folks may consider these weapons overkill. Keep in mind once again that we’re discussing far more than economic difficulties. Our nation is primed for civil war and social unrest. Finding yourself in a fair fight means you’ve already lost.

The next weapon type our host will be covering is your secondary. 99% of the time this mean a pistol. It’s reserved for concealed carry, and backup for when your MBR is down. Learning to transition between your primary and secondary is an important skill. Above all skills though every prepper needs to do one essential thing with their firearms: PRACTICE. This doesn’t mean goofing off at the range. Because let’s be honest; that’s exactly what going to a range is. If your shooting practice isn’t dynamic you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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