Force Multipliers for Preppers and Survivalist

On “The Prepping Academy” Forrest and Kyle will be discussing force multipliers. If you’re not familiar with what these are this is going to be a good show to not only listen in on, but participate in the live chat and ask questions. The essence of a force multiplier is any tool or tactic that gives you the upper hand. It’s a very broad term and can encompass everything from gear to morale.

This week Kyle will be touching on something that he’s a bit passionate about. Holocaust deniers and replacement theology. There is a strong agenda today by some to deny the Holocaust, and even WWII ever happened. This is done in order for some demographics to claim they are the real Jews or superior to others. You may never realize it’s there and how dangerous it is until it’s too late.

Starting our force multiplier discussion we’ll be talking about some force multipliers you can take care of that cost you absolutely nothing. Mental preparation, map reading skills, land navigation, knowing how to read the weather, night travel by constellation, recruiting, intel gathering, deception, and above all- learn to have a reputation that precedes you. Psychological intimidation is an art form very seldom utilized. How would it be to intimidate an adversary so much that all conflict was avoided? We’ll discuss on the next show methods to do this.

After that comes everyone’s favorite part when dealing with force multipliers- gear. We’ll spend a small portion talking about night vision goggles, thermal vision, personal recommendations, GPS, radios,and other force multiplying gear to help you prepare for whatever you may be expecting. If you’re fighting a fair battle you’re already losing. So whether our manned or out gunned we’ll be throwing you some helpful ideas in pursuit of preparedness.

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