The Prepper Mindset on the Prepping Academy

This discussion is about the most important prep any individual can use. Your mind. Over the past 15 years I’ve personally gone through several significant changes with my mindset. At one point, despite being raised around guns and shooting from age 5, I wanted absolutely no part in owning a firearm. Fast forward several years and I began to see them not as weapons, but as tools in the protection of my life, liberty, and and family.

Forrest and I often come across preppers on a regular basis whom we refer to as “highly interested.” While we are always happy to talk to a fellow prepper it’s important to know that an interested prepper is often a liability when compared with a motivated prepper. What category do you fall? Ask yourself a really simple question. Is prepping a hobby or a lifestyle? Speaking for myself, and I know many others, my family and I have made prepping a dedicated way of life. We’ve sacrificed vacations, extra luxuries, and even savings to make sure we’re well prepared for a number of circumstances. Make no mistake though; your preps can’t define your mindset, merely be evidence of it.

All of the material goods aside preppers should be practicing scenarios. There are an infinite number of situations that could occur, but thinking through some of those scenarios now may help you down the road through events like: active shooters, floods, earthquakes, and maybe even economic collapse. Join Forrest and I in the player below as we discuss some of the resources to help you with this and get your mind moving in the right direction. As with anyone, people we meet often help shape our world views, hopefully we can share some of our experiences to help yours.

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