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Personal Mindset w/ Franklin Horton

This week on “The Prepping Academy” Forrest and Kyle are going to be joined by Franklin Horton. Franklin lives and works from the mountains of southwestern Virginia. He’s a husband, father, and passionate outdoor enthusiast. His works include “Ashes of the Unspeakable,” “The Borrowed World,” and “Locker Nine.” Regardless of where you begin, his books are sure to help you… Read more →

The Prepper Mindset on the Prepping Academy

This discussion is about the most important prep any individual can use. Your mind. Over the past 15 years I’ve personally gone through several significant changes with my mindset. At one point, despite being raised around guns and shooting from age 5, I wanted absolutely no part in owning a firearm. Fast forward several years and I began to see them… Read more →

Economic Collapse… How to prepare for it.

Many Preppers define their preps and mind set by the catastrophe which they are preparing for. It’s safe to say one of the most concerning scenarios is that of economic collapse. With everything in the news this past week about the Deutsche Bank, the 9/11 Bill against Saudi Arabia, and the elections it’s probably as good a time as any… Read more →

Prepper Camp 2016 Recap

Join Forrest and Kyle this Friday as they discuss “Prepper Camp.” A few weekends ago Forrest was live from Prepper Camp on the first night. Prepper Camp is national event, held in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and located in a campground venue that allows you to experience preparedness information, survival skills, and camp-craft activities like no other preparedness… Read more →

Prepping Academy on the Riots in Charlotte, N. C.

Discussing the mounting tension between police and protesters; as well has having a live interview in player below with Charlotte Mecklenburg’s District 5 county commissioner Matthew Ridenhour. This last week Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a CMPD officer. All initial reports from the police report claim that Scott has a firearm and was not complying with officers… Read more →

Live from Prepper Camp 2016, Saluda, NC

From Prepper Camp this week Forrest calls in directly from Saluda, North Carolina while attending “Prepper Camp.” Connections are good and we discuss a variety of topics and  speak with a few attendees and other speakers. This is a yearly event put on by Rick Austin and Survivor Jane. You may remember Survivor Jane as being our very first guest on air. Events… Read more →

Prepper Groups, Build it and they will come!

Preppers live a secret life and most want to keep it that way but others would love to meet other preppers and share their prepping knowledge, ideas and experiences. You can see the value in a team of people who share the common goal of survival and you realize the wisdom in pooling your resources with a group of individuals… Read more →

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