Alan Kay Season One Winner “Alone”

Join Forrest and Kyle on this special show with an amazing guest. We skipped Kyle’s Conspiracy of the Week to maximize the interview. During a recent trip to Prepper Camp, Forrest was able to meet a lot of interesting folks. And he even managed to convince a few in to being on the show. This guest needs little introduction if you’ve ever watched the History channel series “Alone.” He was the first season’s winner, Alan Kay. If you’re not familiar with “Alone” it is a must for any Prepper. Contestants are dropped on Vancouver Island with limited tools, little resources, and plenty of challenges.

Alan Kay is a Georgia native, passionate outdoorsman, and well trained in combative arts. He’s also studied medicinal plants and tactical medical response. During his time competing on the show Alan had limited resources. The 10 items he was allowed to carry were a: Saw, Axe, Sleeping bag, Large 2-quart pot, ferro rod, water bottle/canteen, 300 yards single filament line with 25 assorted hooks, small gauge gill net, 3.5lb wire, and a knife. Anyone who watched the series beginning to end could see, though difficult, how well Alan handled his stint emotionally and psychologically.

A lot of interviews would focus on the series itself. Forrest and Kyle do have some questions for Alan, but will be asking Alan more about his personal philosophy on prepping, mindset, and outlook for Americas future. As always, please be sure to listen at and join the chat room during these shows when live to ask any questions.

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