Prepper and Survival Skills: Avoid being tracked and know how to be the tracker

Prepper and Survival Skills: Avoid being tracked be the tracker

Join Forrest and Kyle as they discuss how to avoid being tracked and become the tracker.

Today’s world presents a variety of privacy and security concerns. Data collection programs leave the majority of the public open to opportunistic criminals. Information could even be used against you without your knowledge. Fake social media accounts, comments, and financial information could even set you up for criminal charges. There are plenty of things you can do to avoid these issues, but what about the issues you can’t control? What happens when your own government profiles you based on keywords you use over the phone, email, or text and then they dictate the narrative? It can happen, has happened, and will happened again.

This week’s topic is going to work within Kyle’s conspiracy theory. Depending on how long you’ve been prepping you may or may not have heard of the notorious “Red & Blue List.” Allegedly being on this list qualifies you for one of two things: elimination, or reeducation. With all the government spy programs casting an indiscriminate net of data collection with little oversight there’s no doubt innocent civilians are bound to get caught up. The question is whether or not these concerns are legitimate. Is there evidence to back up FEMA camps? Reeducation? Forced Labor? Assassination?

For a moment, imagine the worst case scenarios. Economic collapse, EMP, war, food shortages, and martial law. The government is now seizing “assets” via executive orders. Only now it’s understood that those assets may include you and your family. How can you avoid being hunted? How far off the grid do you need to go? Can you avoid dogs, drones, thermal imaging? There are materials and methods someone can use even today to assist them.

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