The First 24 Hours

Welcome to “The Prepping Academy.” Coming up this week Forest and Kyle are going to be covering the age old Prepper questions: when do I bug out and what happens in the first 24 hours. Let’s just say that you are in for a reality check.

Depending on the emergency you may or may not have a warning. An EMP would mean death for millions of Americans. Government studies estimate the majority of the US population would be dead within the first year of an EMP, or extended power supply failure. That means nearly 800,000 people dying around you every single day. It’s safe to assume most of those deaths would be early on.

In some cases you may have little time to prepare, but some is better than none. A major concern for many is living in a city or area near a military base. What happens when martial law is declared. There’s a lot of speculation. Do you have hours, or even days to escape before martial takes place? We’ll provide some realistic perspective to this situation.

Above all, we’ll be discussing the most important thing you can do for any event. Have a meaningful action plan, clear communication with family members, and be organized. A lot of Preppers have the planning, the bug out location, but no practical means to transport their goods. Spoiler Alert: They’re going to die.

This week for Kyle’s conspiracy theory he will be covering a conspiracy theory that is literally out of this world. Well, not too far out. Maybe just floating around in our very own orbit. If you’ve never heard of “Black Knight” you’re in for a treat. And you’ll probably feel encouraged to research this one on your own.

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