Bushcraft is a skill all Preppers and survivalist must have.

Coming up next week on “The Prepping Academy” Kyle and Forrest will be discussing bushcraft. Isn’t that for survivalist and mountain men? It’s for everybody! Learning bushcraft skills should be one of the fountains stones for your preparedness pyramid.

Before we get in to the fun world of bushcraft we’ll by diving in to the mind of Kyle to discuss his conspiracy of the week. This week is going to get weird. Kyle is going to be talking about the coming uprising from artificial intelligence. There are many different faucets of life which AI can undermine. The job market, economics, and even military applications we’ve designed could be used against us.

Now bushcraft for some may mean going out in to the woods and simply being able to build a shelter and start a fire. Those are handy skills to have, but what if we took away everything, left you on an island, and said we’d pick you up in six months? Guess what, you’re not surviving without some serious bushcraft skills. The first step to bushcraft is building your kit. For some this means slight modifications to their bug out bag. Others it means completely restarting it.

Bushcraft also has a lot to do with knowledge. Learning your natural resources,medicinal and edible plants, and making tools. Learn to work smarter; not harder. There are simple wooden tools and machines you can make out in the wilderness. If you have the necessary tools you can also delve in to blacksmithing.

Now folks, with any topic like gardening, bushcraft, firearms, etc. there are a plethora of things to be learned and discussed. Currently we have a one hour time slot to discuss. If you have further questions please feel free to join the chat and politely ask. We’re always open to feedback and discussion.



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