Gardening for Preppers and Survivalist

Gardening for Preppers and Survivalist. 

There’s not a single good reason anyone could give for not building a seed bank. In the eventuality of a grid down scenario, or even unemployment, a seed bank could be life saving.

Before Forrest and Kyle get in to gardening they’ll be going over “Kyle’s Conspiracy of the Week.” This week Kyle will be talking about mysterious deaths rarely appearing in mainstream media stories. What makes these death so mysterious it’s just the way these people died, but that there are clusters of people within the same professions dying.

Jumping right in to gardening we’ll be talking about the basics first. How much land does a person need to grow food for the year? What kind of seeds should you be buying? Is there a right and wrong way to store you seeds? How much water, sun, and fertilizer do you need? What crops could you be growing as cash crops for bartering?Those are just a few questions you’ve probably been thinking about.

From there Forrest and Kyle will be discussing gardening techniques for growing a small, but high yield garden for those struggling with space. Those with small yards, apartments, and town homes definitely encouraged to listen. We’ll also be covering “companion gardening.” Growing certain plants together will help them have a higher yield.

Last, but not least we’ll be discussing some less thought of concerns for your garden. In a WROL world, SHTF, and social unrest; how exactly is someone supposed to garden? What about your security concerns? Your garden could be wiped out, or stolen from ove night. What would you do then? Your garden is also highly visible and can alert others of the fact that you have food and residence. So we’ll also discuss a few ways to minimize your footprint.

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