Interview with Rick Austin the Author of Secret Garden of Survival

Join Forrest and Kyle LIVE on Friday’s Nights at 9:00 pm est. During Forrest trip to Prepper Camp he was able to meet a lot of interesting folks. And he even managed to convince a few in to being on the show. This guest needs little introduction if you’ve ever seen the show “Doomsday Preppers,” or are familiar with “Suvivior Jane.” That right! Rick Austin will be joining us.

Rick has a great book out that every Prepper should own. “Secret Garden of Survival” is the how to for planning your secret survival garden. How amazing would it be to plant your food, have it flourish, and remain completely out of sight from the anyone else? This is basically “Grey Man” theory for your veggies and simply brilliant.

A lot of interviews might focus on “Doomsday Preppers” or the book. Forrest and Kyle do have some questions for Rick, but will be asking him more about his personal philosophy on prepping, mindset, and outlook for America’s future. As always, please be sure to listen at and join the chat room to ask any questions.

Before the interview we’ll still be having our “Conspiracy of the Week” with Kyle. And this week, to coincide with the cold weather, Kyle will be talk about the alleged pyramids of Antarctica and potential Nazi activity on the continent.

Please also be sure if you’re new to the show; go to and sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date with out special guest. There is also another drawing coming up with some great items.

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