Prepping for SHTF scenarios with Angery American / Chris Weatherman – Author/TV

This week’s upcoming show for November 18th, 2016 Forrest and Kyle will be interviewing author Chris Weatherman. Some folks may know Chris by another name though. Angery American. Chris is a successful author with more than a few novels under his belt. His “Going Home” series is a best seller and has many rave reviews online. Currently Chris lives with his family in Florida. He is an avid prepper and has been involved within that community since the early 90’s. He is well versed on medicinal plants and primitive survival skills.

For the first part of the hour Forrest, Kyle, and Chris will be discussing a relatively new conspiracy that has popped up. This would be referring to the “Purple Revolution.” So join us for that as it directly pertains to the recent election results and what may be coming in America’s future.

Now, on top of being a best selling author, Chris has also been on the History channels hit series “Alone.” So we will be briefly discussing his time on the show and getting his input on basic survival skill essentials, gear, and mindset.

The bulk of the show we’re going to be discussing the prepper mindset. Chris’ novels do a fantastic job of catching the reality of what is likely coming. The gritty harsh reality of any SHTF scenario is something preppers, newbies and veterans, need to come to terms with. There are a lot of series, books, and Youtube personalities which don’t quite capture that. Perhaps they even sell a false sense of security, or romanticized vision of Prepper heroics.

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