Getting Your Family & Friends on Board with Prepping

It’s that time of the year again. Your holiday shopping is finished, there’s nutmeg in the fridge, pies on the cooling rack, and presents to wrap. Your family has come in to town, or maybe you’ve driven 13 hours to visit them. Regardless, time with family should be treasured. So while you’re catching up and sharing memories you have a great opportunity to discuss Prepping. Assuming of course these are the relatives you want to survive.

A lot of preppers live in a closet. Some take years to come out to

family and friends. If you’re comfortable and confident in defending and explaining what you do, it’s time to share. Forrest and Kyle will be discussing their own personal experiences with opening up to family and friends about Prepping. This will include some great scenario questions to ask and reasons to quote to get the ball rolling.

A common misconception is that discussing your preps destroys your OPSEC. So Forrest and Kyle will also be discussing setting boundaries within the discussion. So don’t let this opportunity slip by. These are potentially the closest people to you. And if they’re not? Consider the fact that if they get prepared they’re less likely to need to come to your house and take your supplies.

This week’s conspiracy with Kyle is going to be a discussion on the alleged incoming energy wave that’s supposed to impact earth on December 26th. That’s right. That’s just a few days away! New evidence is coming out and it would be good to discuss what this could mean for you and your family. Especially if a series of major natural disasters occur.

We just like to take a moment to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, listeners, and of course our producer. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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