The Prepping Academy – America voted, How to prepare for the Election Results.

America voted, How to prepare for the Election Results.

Welcome to “The Prepping Academy.” We hope you have had a good week. More importantly, this is written on the Saturday before the show; so we hope the world has not descended in to post election chaos. In the event that it has you probably won’t be listening. If are listening and the nation is rioting we hope you are at your bug out location or in a bunker somewhere.

This election has been one of the most historic in the lifespan of our nation. The forces of good and evil are clearly battling. Hillary has utilized special interest, Wall Street, media, and all things corrupt. While Trump’s blunt behavior and loud demeanor has been off putting to many Americans. Though the brainwashed masses on entitlements would never vote for anything other than status quo. This election could have swayed any which way.

Early on there have been reports of voter fraud, illegal immigrants being bused in, and even voting machines that magically change your vote. Clearly some things have been brought to the surface with this election. Americans are finally beginning to realize the corruption within the system. They are realizing their vote doesn’t matter the way they thought. Fairness and honesty are gone from US politics.

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