Winter Survival & Preparedness

Winter Survival & Preparedness

Welcome to “The Prepping Academy.” Upcoming this week we’re going to be covering something essential for this time of year. Winter survival. Every year we hear about American’s going off the roads and getting stranded. Even worse, we hear about people freezing to death in their own homes because of lack of heat. There are also some advantages to the winter weather.

Before that we’ll be jumping straight in to Kyle’s conspiracy theory of the week. At Forrest request Kyle will be covering something a little more mainstream. Deep unground military bases or DUMBS. What are they? Do they exist?

The first segment we will be covering is traveling in snowy or icey conditions. Proper vehicle maintenance definitely comes in to play, but there are also essentials in addition to your get home bag that you should never travel with out. For example, traveling with two bags of kitty litter can save your life. Proper placement can add extra weight to your rear wheels for stabilization. And if you accidentally go off road the kitty litter can provide traction for your wheels to get out of the snow.

The next segment we will be covering the ever important home preps that you can make. Need extra heat in the house? We’ll be discussing how you can use everyday items from your house like terra-cotta planters to heat a room. Did your power go out and you need to keep your food cold? There are also a few importantant things you should start doing the spring to prepare for next year.

In closing we’ll be sharing some thoughts on what winters mean for a grid down scenario. Winter will separate the preppers from the rest. Government studies conclude that more than 90% of the population will die in a grid down scenario. Don’t be caught off guard.

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