Secure Your Perimeter!

This go around our host Forrest & Kyle will be discussing how to secure your perimeter. Choosing and knowing your terrain is imperative to proper home security. It’s time to consider what supplies and tools you will need to protect your castle. If you live in a city and bugging out is your only option we’ll be discussing how you can secure your perimeter as well. Traveling in unknown territory is daunting enough without having to worry about intruders.

At the beginning of the hour Kyle will be discussing his conspiracy of the week. This time he will be discussing Edgar Cayce’s predictions for the United States. In particular, the divine of the nation by water. People around the country for sometime have reported visions and dreams of the US suffering some horrible natural disasters.

So what does it mean to secure your perimeter? This is something every family should do now; even if you’re just considering securing your home from criminals. Small things, like replacing your locks, screws, and adding more physical barriers is just the beginning. It’s always recommended you do a security walk of your own property from the perspective of a criminal. If they want in bad enough they’ll find a way.

The next step is considering what adjustments you may need to make for events like societal and economic collapse. How could you deal with large numbers of intruders? The answers are actually more obvious than most realize. If you don’t learn your history you may be doomed to repeat it. So we will be taking a few notes from the Roman Empire for your everyday prepping repertoire.

In closing Forrest & Kyle will be discussing several force multipliers that can be used to secure your home now and later.


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