Prepper Recon and Mark Goodwin

This week on the “The Prepping Academy Join Forrest  with Special guest Mark Goodwin.

In any crisis situation, you will be hard-pressed finding the information you and your family needs to make it. There will be no Internet. There will be no phone service. It will literally come down to what you have within arm’s reach that will help you get through the chaos of Marshall law, having no power for days, weeks, or months, and being able to make it through natural disasters like hurricanes or similar events. Be prepared… always! Keeping a stash of survival books on hand is of vital importance to helping you get through the tough time.

The world is becoming more uncertain each day. Natural disasters, economic collapse, and terrorism are phrases that have become familiar to every news cycle in every part of the country. But preppers are aware of the danger and know that fully preparing for any of type of disaster could mean the difference between life and death.

Not everyone’s a Navy Seal or an Eagle Scout. So for those who haven’t received hands-on training in survival skills, studying a quality survival manual is your next best option. Whether you have a full library of self-preservation books, or you are looking to buy your first survival guide, Forrest and Tenderfoot will discuss some of their favorite books of all time.

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