How to know when it is time to bug out!

This week on the “The Prepping Academy” Forrest and Tenderfoot are going to be discussing one of the most important and difficult questions to answer, “How to know when it is time to bug out?”

I know many people, would feel the urge to stay home and protect their property. But you need to weigh the choice of staying versus the risk to your life and health. For some folks, the risks to their safety out weights the danger they could very well face by staying and trying to protect their property. The latest hurricanes have people rethink the stay and protect their property vs. their safety.

Bugging out to soon can be a waste of time and resource’s. Bugging out and having to return days later can and will put stress on family members and survival groups and could cause others to question each time events warrant a real bug out situation. Everyone wants to make the right decision and the proper planning should help everyone understand the go or no go decision. As I have stated many times I believe the final decision should be in the hands of one person with a team of advisors around them. This will be a judgment call on your part or your team leader and only time will tell if the judgment call was a good one or not. I would always lean to leave to early than stay until it’s to late.

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