Family Emergency Planning

In today’s world we are always connected. Cell phones, computers, and social media are almost always within our reach. This ease of access also comes with ease of mind. With a few swipes you can see where your children, wife, and even friends are. It’s not hard to see how people have become complacent and reliant in a world where emergency services are always a button away. What happens though if all of that is taken away?

I’ve often said the sign of true prepper is one that practices scenarios in their mind. Imagine for a moment any variety of scenarios that could leave you without communications: natural disasters, EMP, terror attack and subsequent overloading of the communications grid, or even something as simple as losing power.

Where is your spouse? Your children? How can you get to them? Will they stay put, or travel out trying to find help? Personally, I can imagine this would bring me a great amount of anxiety. So what would the USA look like if we all lost communications at the same time? Chaos. It tethers us together, but ultimately can be our greatest Achilles heel.

Join us Friday August 5, 2016  at 9:00pm EST as Forrest and Kyle discuss what actions items you need to complete your personalized family emergency planning. There will be a lot to cover so be sure to keep a pen and paper handy. Not a computer. After all, it does you no good if the computer doesn’t work. Some of the topics we’ll be covering will include: your family emergency planning binder, important documents, emergency meeting points, bugging out, information gathering, and security.

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