Essential Prepper Gear and your Money

Welcome to “The Prepping Academy.” Join us live this Friday as we talk about essential Prepper gear. In the Prepper community there seems to be two prevailing purchasing strategies for gear. Buy cheap and buy often, or buy once cry once. Some Preppers buy some of the absolute cheapest gear possible from sites like Aliexpress and buy as many as duplicates as they can. Others do a ton of research and buy high end.

As with every show, we’ll begin with Kyle’s conspiracy of the week. This week he’ll be diving in to a little bit of the paranormal. Demonic possession. It may sound crazy, but he’ll be discussing secret societies that are literally inviting demons in to our world, what their agenda is, why it matters, and what we can do about it. Even if you’re not a believer, it’s important to note some of the most evil individuals in the world are and this is what spurs their actions. “Know your enemy.” And no, this isn’t a Sun Tzu quote.

The first thing Forrest and Kyle we’ll be breaking down is the basic “essentials.” Items that every Prepper must have. When it comes to Prepper gear we’ve never met a Prepper who doesn’t want their product to last. For a Prepper, things like lifetime warranties don’t matter much. After all, who is going to be manning the phone at Surefire or EOTech after the crap hits the fan? Product testing, torture, and personal reference is key. If you can afford to have multiples obviously you want them, but with weapons sights that run $600 plus that’s not always practical.

With that said, what items should you buy cheap and buy often? Having redundancies and items with interchangeable parts can be a real headache saver. So how do you find the balance? Listen in to Kyle and Forrest as they discuss. There are bound to be some differences of opinion on this one.

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