Cooking using the Sun & Planet X

Welcome to The Prepping Academy. This next episode Forrest and Kyle are welcoming Paul Munsen, President of Sun Ovens, to the show. For the past 28 years SUN OVENS has been proudly made in the U.S. They believe in free enterprise and seek to take a private sector approach to helping solve problems, which are often left to governments and nonprofit organizations, by developing self-sustaining projects in Third World nations. They also strive to assist entrepreneurs to make and market GLOBAL SUN OVENS in the country in which they will be used. In addition, they are also helping to assist in implementing projects to help orphanages gain self-sufficiency through the sale of bakery goods sun-baked in VILLAGER SUN OVENS.

In a grid down scenario Americans will be faced with a plethora of scenarios. A Sun Oven quite literally may save your life? How so you ask? For starters a Sun Oven emits up to85% less smoke than cooking with a flame. This can save you from respiratory disease, smoke inhalation the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes, carbon monoxide, and potentially disastrous fires.

Now, if that’s not enough reason to make you want to buy a Sun Oven, I’ll tell you the grand daddy of them all. When the grid goes down the scent of your cooking will being carried in the smoke and it WILL lead others to you. That smoke signifies a few things: food, people, potential shelter, and potential supplies. That spells one thing for you. DISASTER Looters will find you eventually, but it’d be better if you didn’t provide them a flashing arrow.

This week we have a special request from our producer. Kyle will be covering Planet X, Nibiru, or the 12th Planet as some know it. As always, joint Forrest and Kyle in the chat room to ask questions and comment on the show.

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