Bug Out Locations

If you are thinking of terrorist attacks or some other kind of meltdown in the system when cities are just not going to be able to cope, then you may be in your Bug Out Location for an extended period of time. Maybe your Bug Out Location is just your place to get comfortable with nature over weekend and holidays – so you are going to need to make it more “livable” rather than an emergency escape.

Bugging out could potentially be something we all need to do, and picking a good bug out location requires thought and planning. As you begin our planning for a perfect bug out location there are a number of different factors to keep in mind like distance, location, finances, accessibility and many more.

If you’re purchasing a piece of property to serve as a bug out location, then you really need to consider how far that property is from your current home. Unless you have a good refueling plan, you need to really think about any piece of property that you can’t make it to on a single tank of gas. While having a bug out location far from the danger zone is important, making sure you can safely get there during a time of crisis is essential. On this show we hope to help you pick a location that works for you and your group.

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