Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags and EDC

On this live broadcast of The Prepping Academy join Forrest and Kyle as they discuss: everyday carry items, get home bags, and bug out bags. These are literally the backbone of prepping. The items you carry with you can literally make or break your future! Simple items like a bottle opener, lighter, pocket knife, wallet tool cards, etc. are important to have, but there are a lot of items out there now that, being honest, are a waste of money.

If you’re new to prepping you may be asking, “What’s EDC (Everyday Carry), a get home bag, or a bug out bag?” These are not universal and will be as unique as your fingerprint. Everyday carry items will be things like your: wallet, keys, pocket knife, lighter, fire steel, water bottle with purifier, cash, pistol with extra magazines, etc. These are items always on your body, or in your pockets. Think about your daily task, job, and environment. What items should you be carrying that can make your life easier and also help you in case of an emergency?

Your “get home bag” is a step up from your EDC. In this should be items to get you through a small emergency, or at least 24 hours; potentially longer. A small tarp for shelter, an emergency blanket, water purifier, survival tools, extra ammo, etc. You should have this in your vehicle everywhere you go. Of course you want to make sure it’s well hidden.

Most importantly, you need a Bug Out Bag or BOB. Search the internet. You’ll find a thousand bug out bag list suggestions, must haves, gadget, and fan fare. Some of these items are absolutely insane. Like do you really need a fold up drone with HD camera? Or should I put my Barrett M98B in my bug out bag? Needless to say some people go nuts over this stuff. So tune in to listen to Forrest and Kyle as they go over what you really need. This can be a pretty involved topic so don’t be surprised if it ends up being a 2 part series.

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