The Prepping Academy Radio Show!

Prepping Academy Radio Show is a live broadcast where we discuss all things prepping, survival, and self-reliance. Our Goal at The Prepping Academy Radio Show is to expand your thinking & motivate you to take action – because it’s time that we get prepared.

The central focus of our online academy is a set of guided courses that take you from a state of being totally unprepared to the ultimate goal of not having to depend on any store, any government, or any grid. The Prepping Academy is built upon core prepping principles. Through the academy, you will learn how to adapt the training we provide to your unique situation. The Prepping Academy Radio Show is a dynamic live broadcast that delves into prepping, survival, and self-reliance. Our mission at The Prepping Academy Radio Show is to expand your mindset and inspire you to take action because we must become prepared. Hosting the show is Forrest Garvin, renowned as the “Prepper’s Prepper,” who has dedicated over 20 years to the survival industry. His expertise spans various roles, including instructor, consultant, CEO of Sun Ovens International, Managing Partner of GrnTek LLC, and the visionary behind the nationwide organization PrepperNet.

The Prepping Academy Radio Show is essential to PrepperNet, the nationwide organization founded by Forrest Garvin. As a platform for like-minded individuals, PrepperNet connects shares knowledge, and builds a community centered around preparedness. The radio show is a powerful medium, reaching a broad audience with expert interviews, discussions, and valuable prepping, survival, and self-reliance insights. By combining the resources of PrepperNet and the engaging platform of the radio show, Forrest Garvin and his team strive to foster unity and preparedness among individuals and families nationwide, enhancing our collective resilience in uncertain times.

With a US Air Force NCO background, serving with the 317 MAC and JSOC SOLL II at Pope Air Force Base, Forrest translated his military experience into a technology and security role for the Strategic Technology Group at NationsBank and Bank of America. Fueling his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded multiple technology startups, including an incubator space that fostered numerous successes.

Never one to let time and experience go to waste, Forrest expanded his skill set to encompass NRA instructorship, HAM General license holding, and operating, Krav Maga apprenticeship instructing, and hosting radio/podcast shows. He is the proud owner of Greyman Protection LLC and is the owner and lead instructor at Carolina Survival & Preparedness Academy in Charlotte, NC.

Through these endeavors and his survival academy, Forrest has conducted courses on self-defense, homesteading, firearms, family preparedness, and survival skills. Seeking to extend preparedness to broader audiences, he established the Carolina Preppers Network, which has grown into the globally-reaching organization known as PrepperNet, boasting a membership of over 64,000 individuals.

As an author, Forrest draws upon his extensive experience to provide practical advice and invaluable guidance to novice and seasoned preppers. His three books, namely “The Preparedness Roadmap,” “The Case for Christian Preparedness: Faith and Prepping for Survival (Christian Prepper Series Book 1),” and “Stand Firm to the End (Christian Prepper Series Book 2),” serve as additional avenues through which he imparts his knowledge to audiences worldwide.

Residing in North Carolina, Forrest dedicates his life to his family, Christian fellowship, and equipping others for the challenges that may lie ahead.

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